Great Streets Initiative Application

Olivette is committed to rejuvenate the Olive Boulevard corridor to serve as a central community and regional destination.  

Olive Boulevard is the spinal cord of Olivette, binding our community, economy, spirit, and soul.  As the main arterial, Olive Boulevard serves as the primary east-west route through Olivette—spanning from Highway I-170 on the east to Warson Road on the west.  The corridor plays a multi-faceted role:  the gateway to the community, the key commercial and revenue generating district for Olivette; and the bond that binds the north and south, and east and west of Olivette.

The Olive Boulevard corridor as a highway has evolved to combine public transportation, the Great Rivers Greenway, and Olivette's own trail system, and to serve the City's main street of commercial, office, and residential development.  The City is confident that through reinvestment in the street and redevelopment along the corridor, land use and transportation can complement one another.

The Great Streets Initiative and Olivette Strategic Plan both support environmentally responsible development patterns, and the need for collaborative engagement with the community, including residents, business, land owners and stakeholders.

The City is committed to further invest in the Olive Boulevard corridor.  The principles of the Great Streets Initiative complement the vision of the Olivette Strategic Plan.  With good planning and community interaction, the process of the Great Streets Initiative can help Olivette deliver on the objectives of the Strategic Plan.  In collaboration, Olive Boulevard can be both a Great Street and a Dynamic Sense of Place.

Below is the Great Streets Initiative application and attachments.  For additional information regarding Saint Louis Great Streets, click <here>.