Attorney Information

Attorney Entry 

Attorneys wishing to enter their appearance on a case may do so online or by mail prior to Defendants court date. Entries must include:
  • Attorney contact information, including a Missouri Bar number
  • Defendant information
  • Case numbers you wish to enter your appearance


Attorneys wishing to request a recommendation on a case can do so online or by directing correspondance to:  Olivette Prosecuting Attorney
1140 Dielman Rd.
Olivette, MO  63132

The Court must receive your entry of appearance prior to a recommendation being issued. If a recommendation has been requested on a case, the case will automatically be continued to a new docket date for acceptance/payment. Accepted recommendations must be signed and filed with the Court prior to any payments being processed. Do not send requests for recommendations to the Court.


Requests for discovery must be in writing and sent to the Court Administrator for filing. Request will be forwarded to the prosecuting attorney for processing. 


Neither the prosecutor nor the court clerks can grant continuances. Defendants must appear in person on their scheduled court date to request a continuance on a case if the case is not disposed of prior to or a formal motion must be filed.