How to Pay Your Fine

Payment Options

Violations listed on the Traffic Violations Bureau Fine Schedule may be paid after three business days of the violation date and prior to the court date listed on the citation. Payments for violations are accepted in person or by mail at the address below or online.
                 Olivette Municipal Court
                 1140 Dielman Road
                 Olivette, MO 63132
                 Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Forms of payment accepted by this court:
  • Cash
  • Money order
  • Personal check (no out of state checks)
  • Credit cards / Online payments (note a convenience fee applies)

    Failure to Appear

    Failure to appear on the scheduled court date may result in a warrant being issued for a defendant's arrest. A warrant will NOT be issued as a result of a defendant's inability to pay fines/costs if the defendant appears on the court date to show cause as to why payment cannot be made. Only the Judge is authorized to set up payment arrangements if payment is not able to be made in full prior to the court date.

    Fines and Cost Schedule

  • Work Zone Violation $35 (ADD additionally)
  • Active Work Zone $250 (ADD additionally)


  • Any violation not listed below requires a court appearance.
  • Any violation involving an accident is a mandatory court appearance.
  • If paying by mail, sign back of ticket and enclose with payment.
  • Personal checks will be accepted only if they are drawn on a Missouri bank.
  • To receive a receipt, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.

Speeding Violations (points)

1-4 miles over $44.50
5-9 miles over $54.50
10 miles over $64.50
11 miles over $67.50
12 miles over $70.50
13 miles over $73.50
14 miles over $76.50
15 miles over $94.50
16 miles over $98.50
17 miles over $102.50
18 miles over $106.50
19 miles over $110.50
20 miles over $134.50
> 20 miles = Court appearance  

Other Moving Violations (points) 

Electric Signal Violation $79.50
Blocking Intersection $89.50
Stop Sign Violation $69.50
School Bus Stop Sign Violation $134.50
Fail to Signal $64.50
Improper Lane Use $64.50
Improper Use of Center Turn Lane $89.50
Improper Passing $64.50
Improper Turn $64.50
Following Too Closely  $54.50 
Wrong Side of Roadway  $64.50 
Fail to Yield  $79.50
Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicle  $200.00 
Improper Backing $44.50 
Careless and Imprudent Driving  $225.00 
Breaking Funeral Procession  $44.50 
Glaring Headlights  $49.50 
No Headlights/One Headlight  $54.50* 
Motorcycle Headgear Violation $75.00 
No State Operator's License  $95.00* 
Fail to Display Operator's License  $75.00*
Expired Operator's License  $75.00* 
Fail to Show Proof of Insurance  $125.00* 
*Some fines may be reduced or eliminated by the Judge if proof of compliance is presented in court.

Non-moving Violations (no points) 

 Expired State Plates
                with proof of renewal
 Fail to Register Motor Vehicle
                with proof of registration
 Improper License Plates
                with proof of registration
 Improperly Affixed State Plate $93.00
 Altered Temp Tag/License Plates $200.00 
Obstructed License Plate  $75.00 
Fail to Wear Seatbelt (adult) $10.00
Fail to Restrain a Child  $84.50 
Truck Bed (passengers under 18)  $59.50 
No/One Tail Light  $54.50 
Operating Vehicle with Obstructed Vision (Window Tint Viol.)  $88.50* 

Parking Violations - $25.00 with the exception of the     violations listed below.

Handicapped Parking Violation $50.00
Parked within 10 feet of Fire Hydrant $35.00
Parked Blocking Private Drive $30.00
Parked Obstructing Traffic $35.00
Parked on Street during Inclement Weather
      First violation
      Subsequent violations