Having a career as an Olivette Police Officer is an immensely personally rewarding experience.  Not only do officers have the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people in the community but they also have numerous occasions to respond to and investigate all types of crimes. As a result, Olivette Police Officers become well-rounded officers and gain experience in all aspects of police work. 

Olivette Police Department Current Recruitment

Olivette Police Department Current Recruitment

As a new police officer, you will begin your career in the Olivette Police Patrol Division. The Patrol Division consists of 2 lieutenants, 6 sergeants and 8 officers. The unit is overseen by the Deputy Chief who reports to the Chief of Police. The Patrol Division has 4 squads that consist of 4 officers per squad including supervisors. The Patrol Division works rotating 12 hours shifts; two squads work the day shift (0600-1800 hours) and two squads work the night shift (1800-0600 hours). Click here to see the Department's full Organization Chart.  

During each shift, a watch commander will be designated as the officer with supervisory responsibility over the shift. The watch commander will be a lieutenant or sergeant. Each watch commander reports and is accountable to the Deputy Chief. Each shift consists of three or four officers including the watch commander.

The Department does not have a continuous recruitment effort as the City hires only to fill actual or forecasted vacancies. View current vacancies and to download a copy of our application.