Doing Business in Olivette

2020 BUSINESS LICENSES EXTENDED TO MAY 15, 2021.  On December 15, 2020, the City Council amended the ordinance regarding business licensing.  All 2020 Business Licenses, scheduled to expire January 15, 2021, were extended to May 15, 2021.  The Council's goal was to provide local businesses ample time to deal with other matters during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The business license application schedule, which generally begins in January has been moved to the month of April.  From this point forward all business licenses will expire on the 15th day of May, and applications for renewal will be due the 30th day of April.


Before starting a business in Olivette, you must obtain all necessary inspections and licenses. You will need to obtain and complete the following:

  1.   Verify.  Verify that the zoning regulations of the City authorize the proposed business activity.  Contact the Planning Division at (314) 993-0252.
  2. Application Form for Occupancy (PDF), along with the following:
    • Verification that the business has been registered with the Missouri Secretary of State.
    • A floor plan layout of the occupied space showing how all rooms will be used.
  3. Emergency Contacts Form, attached to the occupancy application.
  4. Business License Application Form(s).  The City of Olivette has four types of Business Licenses:  Service-Table A, Service-Table B, Merchant, and Manufacturer.  These are all renewed annually each calender year in the month of May.
  5. Fee amount for both the inspection, occupancy certificate, and the business license.
  6. Schedule.  Once the City is in receipt of a completed application form, necessary business license(s), and associated fees, an inspection will be coordinated with the applicant within a 5-working day window. 
Once the inspection is completed and approved, the Occupancy Certificate and Business License(s) will be forwarded to the applicant.

For assistance regarding the application process or inspections, contact Carlos Trejo at 314-993-0252, or in person at the Department of Planning and Community Development.


All property, including tenant spaces or home offices, must be inspected prior to the conduct of business. To schedule an inspection, the following applications are necessary:
In addition to the application, at a minimum the following shall also be provided:
  • Verification that the business has been registered with the Missouri Secretary of State's office
  • A legible layout of the space being occupied, illustrating the use of all rooms and spaces
  • An Emergency Contact form
  • Associated fee are as follows:
Occupancy Inspections:
  • $80 less than 2,500 sf.
  • $95 2,500 sf. , but less than 5,000 sf.
  • $120 5,000 sf., but less than 10,000 sf.
  • $160 10,000 sf., but less than 20,000 sf.
  • 20,000 sf. or greater, $200.00 plus $35 for each additional 10,000 sf. 
Occupancy Certificates: $20.00
Business License fees:
  • Merchants and Manufacturer, first year $50.00
  • Service License, varies on business type-see Service License Fee Chart

Business Licenses

All businesses in Olivette must obtain a Business License from the City. Business Licenses are issued annually.  A business in Olivette may require either one or both of the above noted licenses.

The fee for a Business License(s) may be obtained through the Department of Planning and Community Development at 314-993-0444.

Food Establishments

All food establishments must contact Saint Louis County Department of Health to obtain necessary applications.

Liquor Licenses