Planting Within the Public Right-of-Way
Generally, when you plant trees, shrubs, and hedges you must stay within your property; however, some special planting of trees is authorized by permit in the public right-of-way, which usually includes the tree lawn, an area between the street and sidewalk and, in most cases, a 1-foot strip on that side of the sidewalk closest to your house.

The City encourages the planting of trees, because of the special character they give a neighborhood. The permit required ensures that certain arbor cultural specifications and standards of practice are adhered to. Trees can beautify, add privacy, offer protection from the sun and wind and act a sound barrier; but they also must not:
  • Obstruct a driver's vision
  • Interfere with a pedestrian's use of sidewalk
  • Upheave sidewalk or driveway aprons
  • Cause unusual or unnecessary maintenance problems.
The permit is obtained from the Public Works Department and any questions should be directed to the Public Works Department by calling 993-0252. There is no fee for this permit.

When to Obtain a Permit
Public trees, by ordinance cannot be willfully or maliciously damaged. Any resident wanting to treat, spray, fertilize, prune or remove a public tree must first obtain a permit. It is recommended that the City Forester be contacted first 993-0252, it may be deemed necessary and the City will do it as time and resources become available.

Other Regulations
Another important ordinance to be aware of pertains to the location of hedges, shrubs, plants or other growths adjacent to street intersections.

Regulation of Hedges, Shrubs, Plants or Other Growths Adjacent to Street Intersections
"No person shall erect, place, maintain, or permit the location or maintenance of any hedge, shrub, plant, or other growth to a height greater than three (3) feet or a tree having any portion of a limb less than seven (7) feet above the ground, within a triangle formed by the curb lines of intersecting streets and a line drawn between two (2) points located twenty-five (25) feet along each curb line measured from the point of intersection of the curb lines. At intersecting private streets, this requirement shall apply only to locations at which a traffic control sign or device has been installed by the City or other public authority (Ordinances 757, 1706)."