Rules of Procedure

The following rules govern the conduct of meetings of the City Council. Rules, other than those prescribed by statute, may be suspended at any time by the consent of a majority of the City Council present at any meeting.

Rule 1
The Mayor shall decide all questions or order, subject to appeal to a majority of the Council.

Rule 2
A member of Council discussing a question shall address his fellow members, and no member of Council has the floor until recognized by the Mayor, subject to appeal to a majority of the Council.

Rule 3
Roll call votes shall be taken and recorded for all ordinances or propositions which create liability against or obligation on the part of the City or for the expenditure or appropriation of money and in all other instances where a request is made by any member of Council.

Rule 4
No vote or action of the City Council shall be rescinded at any special meeting unless there is present at such meeting as many members of the Council as were present when such vote or action was originally taken.

Rule 5
All meetings of the City Council shall be open to the public, except portions of such meetings from which the City Council may, by majority vote of the members present, exclude the public as permitted under the Open Meetings Law.

Rule 6
Any person in attendance at an executive session is honor-bound not to violate the confidentiality of the discussion taking place during the session, except as to any portions thereof which may clearly violate the Open Meetings Law.

Recommendations approved by the Planning and Community Design Commission for legislative action shall be placed on the agenda upon the receipt of said recommendation by the Executive Secretary and serving as the Interim City Clerk.

The City Manager shall make the agenda known to the Council and to the press as far in advance of a meeting as may be practical, preferably two days in advance of such meeting. The published agenda may be altered or suspended by the Council present.

Rule 7
The general public shall be afforded an opportunity to address the Council during the portion of the order of business set aside for Hearing from Citizens. Any person desiring to address the Council shall be required to identify himself, stating his home address or place of business, and to address his remarks to the Mayor. Council Members desiring further information or comment from the speaker or from any other person in the audience may request the same. Protracted, repetitive, irrelevant or abusive remarks from the public may be closed off at any time by direction of the City Council.

Rule 8
A majority of the City Council shall approve the agenda. Items shall be added or removed upon majority vote.

Rule 9
The Chairpersons of the various boards, commissions, and advisory committees established by statute or ordinance, may, upon the approval of a majority of the City Council, render an oral report. Reports may be received in written form and made part of the record.