Duties & Responsibilities

Establish Policy
  • Adopt goals and objectives
  • Establish priorities for public services
  • Approve programs
  • Approve/amend the operating and capital project budgets
  • Enact Ordinances and Resolutions
  • Approve grant applications
  • Approve large contract purchases
  • Approve zoning changes
  • Choose mayoral appointments
Represent the City
  • Through the legislative process such as Resolutions outlining council opinions and suggestions
  • Through appointments to various regional or state boards
  • Lobby state and federal officials
  • Through attendance at St. Louis County Chamber meetings, Missouri Municipal meetings, and Conference of Cities meetings
Provide Public Leadership
  • Transmit constituents' wishes and concerns
  • Arbitrate conflicting interests
  • Follow own best judgment:
    • Study problems
    • Review alternatives
    • Decide on best course of action