Neighborhood Watch

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is composed of citizens interested in decreasing their amount of crimes, such as burglary and vandalism, that occur in their neighborhoods. As part of the program, Olivette residents are trained to protect their property and themselves by securing their home from unlawful entry.

The Neighborhood Watch Program stresses identifying their personal property through marking, photographing, and preparing property inventories.

Citizens are trained to report suspicious activities to the police department immediately and what kind of information is needed by the police department to be effective in responding to a suspicious activity.

Why have a neighborhood watch program in your area?

"Cities can't put more cops on the streets, so they have got to have citizens watching and reporting," says Rod Steger of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. Expand your Olivette Police Department's limited manpower resources by providing trained watchers who report suspicious activities and crime-in-progress to their police department accurately. This participation by citizens is essential to the effectiveness of any police department.

Increase feelings of security in participants, particularly those who live alone. As part of neighborhood watch, residents can become friends and areas become neighborhoods - neighborhoods that care.

Get Involved

If you have a surveillance camera system (one or more indoor or outdoor cameras which record and retain video), consider signing up for our Community Camera Registration Program (click the link for more information).

For additional information or questions regarding crime prevention, please contact:

Officer Madison C. Coates
Community Engagement Officer
Phone: (314) 983-5238