City Center Construction

In August 2014, Olivette citizens approved a $13.5M bond to purchase land, design, and construct a new municipal facility. The building will house Police, Fire, Planning and Community Development, and Administration. Since then, our City staff has been hard at work to make this new facility come into fruition. The new City Center will be located at 1150 Dielman Road.

Benefits of the City Center
  • Modern and efficient working space for all city workers, firefighters, police officers, and our citizens
  • Multi-purpose meeting rooms will be available residents use
  • Fire & Police will be able to function more safely and effectively. Our firefighters will be able to train onsite

Below, you can follow the development of this project from its early stages in 2014 through the construction happening right now. Check back frequently to stay up to date with the progression of construction of the new City Center. Weather permitting, Police, Fire and Administrative staff will move in during March 2017.

Update: October 2016

The rooms in the New City Center are starting to take shape. We can now see a semblance of what the individual rooms will look like. Drywall is being installed on the second floor. Masonry work is almost complete. On October 24, a second meeting low-voltage was held to insure coordination of security, internet, and phone systems. The move-in date is scheduled for the end of March 2017.


Update: Mid-August 2016

Over the last few weeks, progress has continued at a quick pace. Framing works has begun inside the building. We can now see the frames for many of the offices and rooms. Masonry work is almost completed on the back of the building. Electric work in the mechanical rooms also continues. The first layer of roofing is installed. View photos from City Council's latest walk through of the new building.


Update: August 2016

In the last month, many visible changes have been made in the construction of the new City Center. Walls now enclose much of the building. Brick is being laid on the exterior of the building and large sections of brick work are already completed. Ducts and pipes for the cooling and heating system are currently being installed. The permanent metal stairs are also now in the building.


Update: July 2016

On July 7th, the City Council was given a walk through of the new City Center to view the progression of construction. United Construction has begun installing brick on the exterior of the building, started duct work, and the floor of the second level is almost fully built.

Update: June 2016 

If you haven’t been past the new Municipal Center site recently, take a walk or drive and see the progress that has been made. Work is progressing fairly well and barring anything unforeseen, we expect completion and occupancy in March 2017. 

CC 6.24.16-4
CC 6.8.16
CC 6.24.16-3

Update: May 2016

United Construction is making progress on the new City Center. The Fire Department bays are readily identifiable and steel beams are outlining other portions of the building. 

CC 5.4.16

Update: Groundbreaking

On the Morning of March 19th, the City Council held a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of construction for the New City Center.

Groundbreaking Group Photo with City Workers
Groundbreaking Hats on Shovels
Groundbreaking Shovel Plaque
City Council Members at Groundbreaking
Groundbreaking Group Photo including Police Officers
Groundbreaking Group Photo with Task Force

Update: March 2016 

The City Council approved a contract with United Construction to build the new facility on Dielman Road. The bid by United came in under budget. The Municipal Center will include two community rooms in the 36,980 square foot building. The floor plans can be viewed below.

CC First_Floor Plan
CCSecond_Floor Plan

Update: December 2015

Public meetings for the preparation of the new municipal center were held throughout November and December. On November 19, 2015, the Planning and Community Design Commission initiated formal reviews regarding the zoning of the site grounds and the proposed building and site improvements. 

For the past year, the City has worked with Archimages, the City’s architectural consultants, to finalize the building and site plan documents, and to coordinate with other reviewing agencies, including St. Louis County and the Metropolitan Sewer District. The City has also reached out to surrounding subdivisions, including Castlegate Villas and Appletree, to address access, buffering, and other development concerns. 

Before construction can start, the 3.1 acres purchased by the City needs to be rezoned from the current SR Single Family Residential District to PA Public Activity District. The PA District is the zoning designation the City utilizes for all public facilities, parks, schools, and places of worship. 

Part of the rezoning process includes a review of the proposed layout and building plans. The rezoning request and proposed site improvement plans will first go to the City’s Planning and Community Design Commission (PCDC). The City Council will host additional meetings, including a Public Hearing, before considering final action on rezoning and site improvement plans. 

Update: March 2015

Since the bond approval, much work has been completed. Soil and air environmental testing was completed by Shifrin Associates. There were no negative findings. Volz Inc performed survey and topography work. Property purchases were completed by January 2015. 

After taking ownership of the properties, additional environmental testing was completed on the interior of the buildings. (Findings were as expected.) Gas, water, and sewer lines have all been “abandoned”. And the City is currently seeking bids to perform demolition of the existing buildings. Demolition should be completed by the end of April. 

Archimages, the architectural arm hired to design the building, has been working with staff on the building layout. This work should be completed by mid-March, at which time we will move into building detail design.

Update: August 2014

On Tuesday, August 5th, Olivette voters overwhelming supported Proposition ‘E’, a $13.5 million bond to develop a new municipal facility. The new facility will be located on the east side of Dielman Road just north of Walgreens – currently six homes sit on the site. The City Council can now begin moving forward with the bond process as well as beginning final design.

Jean Antoine, mayor of Olivette, sent the following message to residents after the vote: “Thank You, informed Olivette voters, for investing in our future; for coming to the aid of those serving YOU; for making another component of our strategic plan a reality. Through the overwhelming support to fund the new facilities, the 18+ months of analysis has come to an end. From all of the City Council, from all of our safety personnel, and from the administrative staff. Thank You For Putting Us In A Much Better Place.”