2006 City of Olivette Comprehensive Plan: Dynamic Sense of Place

Dynamic Sense of Place Cover

The City will proactively implement the strategic plan in order to achieve the Dynamic Sense of Place vision. The Dynamic Sense of Place vision portrays Olivette as a community with a well-defined character of its own. Driving into the city, a visitor feels a sense of arrival. The landmarks, high point vistas, public art, gathering places, and civic activity centers make Olivette a unique and attractive destination. Olive Boulevard exhibits a mix of businesses, services and residential options developed collaboratively to meet the specific needs of the community. Whether they are working, relaxing, recreating, or gathering for a civic function, people here can access most everything they need right in their own community. Highway and regional transit connections provide convenience for residents and businesses and influence redevelopment function and scale.

Part One: Center of Opportunity


Part Two: Dynamic Sense of Place


Part Three: Launch the Vision


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