Commercial Projects

Learn about the current commercial projects under the City's review by the Planning and Community Design Commission, under building permit review, or under construction. These commercial projects primarily involve improvements associated with the construction of structures and facilities for commerce and business.  In addition, Olivette also includes multifamily buildings consisting of 4-or more attached residential units as a commercial project. 

Commercial projects may include retail shops, restaurants, hotels, medical buildings and facilities, industrial buildings, warehouses, and office buildings.  A majority of commercial projects in Olivette will also have a zoning designation consisting of "COR" Commercial/Office/Retail District, "PRO" Planned Residential/Office District, and "LID" Light Industrial District.

Major Projects

I-170 Interchange Gateway District
The area consist of 12.5 acres south of Olive Boulevard, between I-170 to Price Road, bounded to the south by Locust Lane and the 100-foot Ameren utility easement and right-of-way north of the Stoneleigh Towers Subdivision. As outlined in the 2006 Olivette Strategic Plan: Dynamic Sense of Place, a primary goal of the I-170 Interchange Gateway District is to create an eastern “gateway” into the City and to become an economic catalyst to spur further investment along the Olive Boulevard corridor. The City has engaged Keat Properties, LLC, as the developer of choice. KEAT Properties, LLC is preparing the site for commercial mixed use.

Redevelopment of Current Municipal Center
The former City Hall grounds at 9473 Olive Boulevard have been designated a redevelopment area. On April 18th, 2017 the City Council authorized the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the former City Hall property and the two property owners west of the site. Referred to as the City Center Redevelopment Project, the combined area totals 2.9 acres along Olive Boulevard.

Other Projects

  1. Chevy's Fresh Mex Restaurant
  2. 9538 Olive Boulevard
Address:   9119 Olive Blvd.

Type of Project:  Addition of an outdoor canopy (cabana) on the east side of the building, partially covering the existing outdoor patio.

  • Plans have been approved by the Olivette Planning and Community Design Commission in October 27, 2016.
  • As of date, no building permit plans have been applied for.