Municipal Projects

Learn about the current municipal projects including projects under consideration, design and construction, or recently completed. These municipal projects primarily involves the City overseeing design, development, and/or construction. Municipal projects include the City's municipal facilities such as City Hall, the Community Center, or Public Works, and includes street and sidewalk improvements, and park improvements. A majority of municipal projects are conducted in public rights-of-way or on land zoned "PA" Public Activity District.

Major Projects

Dielman Road Project
The Dielman Road Project includes road resurfacing, replacement of existing sidewalks, and new sidewalks on the west side of Dielman from Old Bonhomme south to Tarmac.

Completed:Old Bonhomme Road Project 
The construction on the Old Bonhomme Road aims to make necessary repairs the street as it has deteriorating street, gutters, and sidewalks. Learn more about the benefits of this project and stay up to date with how construction will impact traffic. 

Completed: New City Center Construction
The new City Center will house the city's police, fire, planning and community design, and administration staff in a more modern, efficient, and safe building. Stay up to date with the progression of construction.