Residential Lock Box Program



When responding to 911 calls, firefighters and paramedics occasionally find themselves unable to enter a residence because the patient's condition has rendered them unable to unlock the door. Because time is a critical factor in emergency situations, Paramedics are sometimes required to enter the home by force, causing a delay in patient care as well as property damage that can be costly for the homeowner to repair.

Seeking to reduce instances of forced entry, the Olivette Fire Department has developed a program called Rapid Access that enables firefighters and paramedics to reach patients quickly and safely.

Participating in the Program
Olivette residents interested in participating in Rapid Access may notify the Olivette Fire Department requesting a Kidde key box, and a representative will assist you with the necessary paperwork and installation. The code for your box will be pre-installed prior to installation and ensure that it is entered into East Central Dispatch’s computer database. The code is only known to the dispatch center and Olivette Fire Department. 

If a 911 call is placed from a home participating in Rapid Access, dispatchers will send the code to the responding unit, enabling emergency personnel to enter your home and provide care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are homeowner's codes secure?

Once a code is entered into the computer system, it will be accessible to emergency response personnel only if a 911 call is placed from that residence. All paper copies of codes selected are destroyed immediately upon successful entry into the database.

Is installation difficult?

The units install in just a few minutes using four provided screws. A detailed photo installation guide is provided, showing homeowners where and how to mount the box. If necessary, District staff will install boxes for City of Olivette residents at no cost.

Other questions about the program?

 If you have questions about Rapid Access, please call us at 314-993-0408. Someone will be glad to address any concerns you may have.