Plans and Reports

Strategic Plan

​The intent of this plan is to layout a cohesive strategic plan and vision, guided by the community to provide a roadmap for the City to take a more proactive role in guiding redevelopment and fostering development in the community. There are three phases of this plan: evaluating Olivette as a center of opportunity, developing a plan for giving Olivette a dynamic sense of place, and finally launching the vision. Learn more.

Catalyst Strategies

Catalyst Strategy Cover
The Catalyst Strategies report was commissioned to better understand what development demand exists along the Olive Corridor and the types of products that must be offered at these opportunity sites to capture this market demand. By identifying the right opportunities, and the right way to act upon them, the city can set its course for the next generation. Learn more. 

Five Year Economic Development Plan

The Olivette Economic Development Plan is a guide for achieving increased economic prosperity and improved quality of life in the region. It offers a mix of short-term, mid-range, and long-term strategies designed to improve Olivette's future economic development. This plan builds upon Olivette's Strategic Plan and utilizes its existing assets to create moment towards, and a culture of, increased economic prosperity. Read it now.

Transportation Management Plan [In Progress]

As part of the implementation on the Olivette Strategic Plan, the Department of Planning and Community Development will be preparing a Traffic Management Plan in mid 2017.

The Traffic Management Plan is intended to further the Strategic Plan objectives, including:

  • Improving public space and creating connectivity to and across Olive Boulevard in order to link the community and enhance pedestrian networks.
  • Creating an atmosphere in Olivette and along Olive Boulevard that provides multi-modal access and connections: 
    • Providing access to Olive Boulevard from surrounding neighborhoods to eliminate barriers to accessibility by pedestrians.
    • Improving the sidewalk system to include a buffer from the street traffic along Olive Boulevard to create a pedestrian friendly environment.
    • Providing bike access along Olive Boulevard as well as efficient car travel with consideration of its State Highway status.

Miscellaneous Reports