Building a Fence

Step 1: Preliminary Zoning Review

A Building Permit is required to repair, replace, reconstruct, or newly install a fence. Prior to preparing plans, make sure to review regulations for permitted heights, materials, and placements.  A handout noting the City's requirements for fence maintenance or construction is available, or contact an Inspector at the Department of Planning and Community Development.

Step 2: Submit For Building Permit

The first step in repairing, replacing, or constructing a fence is to obtain a boundary survey of your property.  With a boundary survey, we can ensure that the placement of any fence is within your property grounds and expedite the review and construction process.  Without a boundary survey, a the services of a licensed surveyor will be necessary to identify the property boundaries before construction can occur.

On the boundary survey, identify or highlight the location of the fence repair or replacement, or where a fence is being installed.  Provide written or illustrative specs of the type of fence to be constructed.

Submit a Building Permit application and fee, including 3-sets of the boundary survey and specifications, to the Department of Planning and Community Development.  It takes 5 to 10 business days to review a building permit application.  No construction should commence until a building permit has been issued.

Step 3: Inspections

The required inspections will be identified upon the issuance of a building permit. Twenty-four hour notice is required for inspections.