Stormwater Management Ordinances & Regulations

The City of Olivette code of ordinances related to stormwater summary is below. Most projects with an area of 400 square feet or greater will undergo Concept Stormwater Management Plan Review with staff and the Planning and Community Design Commission.  The Olivette Residential Redevelopment and Design Guidelines provides guidance on stormwater management and site grading. 

  • All new homes must detain the full roof area designed for a 15-year, 20-minute rain event. 
  • Accessory structures and additions 400 square feet or greater must incorporate a stormwater best management practice to minimize and lessen the velocity generated by the impervious improved areas. 
  • Downspouts and sump pump release points should be courteous of neighbors and release in a non-impactful area.
  • Common items that may require stormwater detention are detached garages, in-ground pools, and large hard surface areas. 
  • Review the Olivette stormwater submission list and  inspections document.

Deer Creek Watershed Alliance

The Deer Creek Watershed Alliance assist with solutions to your stormwater drainage issues, through its rainscaping cost-share program.

Purpose.  The rainscaping cost-share program is to improve stormwater management and benefit aquatic life in the Deer Creek Watershed by installing landscaping that helps capture rain where it falls, instead of allowing water to run off-site. 

Eligible properties.  Most properties south of Old Bonhomme Road fall within the Watershed and are eligible to participate in the program.  Eligible properties may receive a rebate of 75% of approved and documented costs up to a maximum of $4,500 for project design, implementation, and/or maintenance costs.  

Conditions.  Only projects to be installed after the award notification date will be considered.  All reimbursable labor costs must be completed by firms on the approved Deer Creek contractor list.  There are program requirements which note eligible plants and minimum size requirements.

Round G of the Rainscaping Cost-Share Program will launch September 1st when updated application forms become available at

Note, applications for this round will be due December 14, 2018.

  1. Bioretention
  2. Permeable Pavement

Stormwater_Rain_GardenRainscaping Guide Resources from Missouri Botanical Garden

Detention Basin and Water Quality Resource from St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District

City of Olivette Rain Garden & permeable pavers at 1140 Dielman Road