Olive Crossing

14-acre Planned Development consisting of office, retail, and hotel.

The Olive Crossing development is the City's first use and approval of a Planned Development District.  The District was authorized under the City's "MU" Gateway I-170/Olive Boulevard Mixed-Use Gateway District. The development consist of 6-lots, tentatively scheduled to be developed as follows:

  • Lot 1 - single tenant commercial/retail building with possible drive-thru.
  • Lot 2 - multi-tenant commercial/retail building along Olive Boulevard.
  • Lot 3 - multi-tenant commercial/retail building along Olive Boulevard, adjacent to the I-170 interchange. 
  • Lot 4 - 5-story, 184-unit multifamily residential apartment complex, located on the south side of the western portion of the development grounds, adjacent to Price Road.
  • Lot 5 - 6- story (not to exceed 89-ft), 120,000 square foot office building and attached garage.
  • Lot 6 - 5-story (not to exceed 64 ft), 72,000 square foot hotel. 

Current Progress:

  • March 2022.  Building permits released for construction of the 184-unit, multifamily residential apartment complex on Lot 4.
  • February 2022.  PCDC approves development plans for 10,500 sf. multi-tenant commercial building on Lot 3.


Scheduled for Planning and Community Design Commission review on February 17, 2022. 

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2021 Amendment to approved Development Review Master Plan

On May 20, 2021, the City of Olivette Planning and Community Design Commission (PCDC) is scheduled to review the following:

  1. An amendment to the Development Review Master Plan to change the land use on Lot 4 from an office/commercial building to a multi-family residential apartment building.
  2. Review a Final Subdivision Plat to create 6-lots of record within the 14 acre redevelopment area.

For each item above, the PCDC is forwarding a recommendation to the City Council, with the council making the final decision.

2021 05-21 View to SW 2

Formerly entitled Olivette Gateway, the 14 acre development at the southwest corner of the Olive Boulevard and I-170 interchange is now known as Olive Crossing.

On September 24, 2019, the City Council approved to establish the Olivette Gateway Plaza PDD for redevelopment of the 14 acre site.

In December 2020 the Developer requested amending the Redevelopment Plan by adding a multi-family housing complex.  The City Council reconvened the Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Commission.  The Commission held it's first meeting on February 8 and a public hearing on March 29, 2021.  A second TIF Commission meeting is scheduled for April 13 at 6:00pm.


Demolition.  The Developer has submitted, and received, demolition permits for all structures on the site grounds, including the Office Max building.  As of the end of June 2020, all buildings on the site grounds have been removed, and preliminary grading has been initiated.

Approved Demolition and Grading Plan

MSD Improvement projects.  The St Louis Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) is in the process of commencing construction two projects on the site grounds, including the 82nd Street Sanitary Relief and the Lindley Drive Sanitary Relief.  Work on these projects is nearing completion as of March 2021. 

Construction.  The next steps are for the Developer to submit for Design Reviews prior to construction related to the PDD approval.


Updated Traffic Impact Summary (dated 2019 09/09)

Public Hearing Notice:  The City Council of Olivette will on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, at 7:00 PM in the Olivette Center, 1140 Dielman Road, Olivette, MO 63132, hold a public hearing on an ordinance to rezone the 14.682 acre development known as the Olivette Gateway Plaza to the Planned Development District - Olivette Gateway Plaza and authorize special permits for the building heights, grocer, drive through restaurants, and food services.

PCDC Recommendations approved on August 22, 2019.

2019 08-01 Work Session

Olivette Gateway Findings (Analysis)

2019 07-18 Olivette Gateway PCDC Meeting.  Update from developer regarding finalized Olive Boulevard rights-of-way and development plan revisions.

Developer Slide Presentation

City Council Letter

Staff Report

Developer items submitted for meeting:

Full Plan Set

Lighting Package

Landscape Layout

2019 02-06 PCDC Meeting.  Tentative rezoning of single family residential properties scheduled for PCDC review on February 7, 2019:

Developer presentation items.

Staff presentation.

Exhibit Single Family Rezoning Request

Exhibit:  proposed Preliminary  Subdivision Plat