Board of Adjustment

The City of Olivette Board of Adjustment has the jurisdiction for Land Use related matters:
To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in any order, requirements, decision or determination made by the Building Official in the enforcement of this Chapter.

To interpret the provisions of this Chapter in such a way as to carry out the intent and purpose of the Zoning Map fixing the several districts, where the street layout actually on the ground varies from the street layout as shown on the Zoning Map.

To permit the erection and use of a building or the use of premises in any location for a public service corporation or for public utility purposes necessary to the public convenience or welfare.

To permit the reconstruction of a non-conforming building which has been destroyed or partially destroyed by fire or other act of God where the Board shall find some compelling public necessity requiring a continuance of the non-conforming use and in no case shall such a permit be issued if its primary function is to continue a monopoly.

To grant relief by from the strict application of the Zoning Ordinance to a specific piece of property by issuing an area or a use variance as allowed herein.

Application for Board of Adjustment

Public Hearings

9 Bon Price Lane

Variance Request 1:  25-foot variance from the required 25-foot stream buffer of Section 420.060.A.1  

Variance Request 2: 25-foot variance from the required 25-foot buffer of Section 420.060.A.2

Code Section: Section 420.060.A. Buffer And Setback Requirements, being part of Article IV Land Development Requirements, Chapter 420 Stream Buffer Protection Regulations of Title IV Land Use of the Olivette Municipal Code.


  1. 9406 Olive Blvd
  2. 9010 Bayhill Ln
  3. 11 Bon Price Ln
  4. 9471 La Jolla Dr

9406 Olive Boulevard

Variance Request:  To allow a digital menu board in the COR Commercial/Office/Retail District.

Code Section: Section 415.260.A Prohibitions, Section 5, being part of Article III General Rules, Regulations, and Prohibitions, Chapter 415 Sign Regulations of Title IV Land Use of the Olivette Municipal Code


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