9398 Olive Blvd - Firestone proposal

On March 5, 2020, the Planning and Community Design Commission will consider action on a Vacation-Conveyance Plat to deed over portions of the Dielman Road rights-of-way to the Developer.  Following the vacation-conveyance, the Commission will consider a Consolidation Plat of the excess rights-of-way and the property grounds at 9398 Olive Boulevard.

Vacation-Conveyance Plat

Consolidation Plat

PCDC Staff Reports

Revised building elevations forwarded to City Council for 2020 02-25 Meeting.

Elevations - Firestone Revised for 2020 02-25 Council
19-1213 Olivette MO-2-streetview
19-1213 Olivette MO-2 Corner Perspective

Proposed new auto service station to replace existing.  Current operator is Olivette 66, proposed is Firestone.

Property is zoned COR Commercial/Office/Retail District, and said use is authorized by Special Permit.

Firestone Plans

PCDC Staff Reports

Zone 5 Report