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Indian Meadows is a seventeen acre neighborhood park with entrances on Huron Dr, Grandview Dr, and Napoleon Blvd. The park features a paved walking path, playgrounds, restrooms, picnic pavilion, picnic tables, and small BBQs. Indian Meadows has a diverse selection of large native trees, with the River Des Peres flowing along the northern park boundary. 

Phase One - Master Park Plan

Construction of Phase One was substantially completed in October 2022.  Phase One added: a new nature-based playground with log and net climbers, a natural rock and log boundary, and mounded grass slopes with log steppers, interactive and accessible water play feature, new seating area, new sidewalks, new native plants and tree plantings, amended soils to help with site drainage, and a bioretention basin to meet storm water mitigation requirements. The new water feature operates between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  

Next Up:

Extension of the Centennial Greenway connecting Indian Meadows Park with Warson Park in 2024. The new sidewalks at Indian Meadows Park will seamlessly connect to the Greenway, creating a walking circuit within the park, and the option to walk further into Warson Park, or even to Five Oaks on Warson, the new community center. 

Indian Meadows Park Slideshow - October 2022

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Illustrated Indian Meadows Master Plan
2021-11-09 IMP Illustrative Plan
IM Concept Plan for web
2021-01-20 Indian Meadows Phase I Improvements - Public Meeting4
2021-01-20 Indian Meadows Phase I Improvements - Public Meeting6