Sunrise Dispensary, 9270 Olive Blvd.

Proposed petition for Special Permit Use request to operate a Cannabis Dispensary at 9270 Olive Boulevard, located at the southwest corner of Dolores Avenue and Olive Boulevard.

Petition is to utilize the existing 4,950 square foot multi-tenant office building and convert into a retail dispensary for cannabis.

Property is zoned "COR" Commercial/Office/Retail District and is subject to Chapter 428 Community Design-Olive Boulevard Corridor and Chapter 450 Medical Marijuana Facilities.  Under Chapter 450, all medical marijuana facilities are subject to a special permit use.  At this time, Chapter 450 only authorizes medical marijuana facilities.

The City Council of Olivette will be considering the special permit request at their meeting on Tuesday, May 23rd and June 13th.  At the June 13th, the City Council will host a public hearing, providing an opportunity for staff, the petitioner, and residents to speak regarding this matter.

May 4th, 2023, at the PCDC, the Commission motioned to forward a positive recommendation to the City Council regarding the special permit request, subject that the plans provided by the Petitioner be considered only conceptual, and that the Petitioner submit final Site Plan, Community Design, and Concept Stormwater Management Plans for Commission review and approval.  Several conditions were adopted by the Commission.


Final plan set before the Commission on May 1, 2023.

Second Revision to Site Improvement Plans to be presented to the Commission on 2023 03-02.  Added screen buffer wall along south property line, landscape wall along Dolores Avenue, and revised proposed landscaping.

Revised Site Improvement Plan presented to the Commission on 2023 02-02.  Relocated public entrance way to east side of building and illustrated landscaping.