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City Clerk

  1. Boards/Commissions - Volunteer Application
  2. Request for Public Records
  1. Request for Olivette Fire Department Public Records
  2. Subdivision Trustees

    This form is to be used to update changes in subdivision trustees for your subdivision. Please complete all fields.

Employment Application

  1. Employment Application 2023

    Employment application -all positions.

Municipal Court

  1. Attorney's Entry of Appearance

    This form may be used to submit an online Entry of Appearance on a defendant's case(s).

  2. Request for Prosecutor Recommendation

    An attorney who has entered on a defendant's case(s) may request a recommendation for disposition from the Prosecuting Attorney prior... More…

  1. Registration Form for Virtual Municipal Court Appearance

Police Department

  1. Citizens Police Academy Application

    The Citizens Police Academy is a unique opportunity to educate the public about the criminal justice system and provide insight into... More…

  2. Community Feedback

    The Olivette Police Department wants to hear from you. Please feel free to use this form to contact the Department with compliments,... More…

  3. Olivette Night Out Registration

    Olivette Night Out is an opportunity for residents to get to know their neighbors and meet with members of the Police and Fire... More…

  4. Vacation Watch Request

    Request a vacation watch for your residence, to be conducted by the Olivette Police Department, while you are out of town.

  1. Community Camera Registration Program

    Registering your security camera shows your willingness to deter, fight and solve crimes on a local level. It further demonstrates a... More…

  2. No Parking Sign Request

    If you would like to request No Parking signs for your event, please fill out the below information.

  3. Submit a Tip