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Animal License - Online

  1. CoO_4C_Rev.png
  2. 2021 Application for Animal License

    Olivette City Hall

    1140 Dielman Rd

    Olivette, MO 63132


  3. Instructions
    Complete and Print this form. This form may be mailed with payment OR brought into City Center.

    Email confirmation will accompany uploaded forms.

    Tag will be mailed in return with completed form and verification of rabies vaccination and spay/neutered date if applicable.

    Call 314-993-0444 x4 with any questions.

  4. Animal Species*
    Select Species (one form must be filled out per animal)

    ________ Tag Number

    ________ Fee

    ________ Payment Rcvd?

  6. Spayed/Neutered?*
  7. Most recent rabies vaccination date
  8. If adopted, put adopted date.
  9. Provide verification spay/neutered status AND most recent rabies vaccination.
  10. See fee information section.
  11. Fee Information

    Per Ordinance 2314 - Fees are as follows:

    Spay/Neutered Animal - $3

    Unspayed/Unneutered Animal - $10

    Registrations in January $1 late fee, in February $2 late fee, and after March 1st $3 late fee.

    ie. Fee for spayed dog paid on February 10th would be $5 ($3 fee + $2 late fee)

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